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We at STF love Sweden and for more than 130 years we have made it possible for people to discover this fantastic country. We will guide you through the deep forests, up on spectacular peaks, over sweeping tundra, through delta landscapes rich with wildlife, and along endless coast lines, as well as to natural reserves close to the bigger cities. We will also guide you to one of Europe's last remaining areas of extensive wilderness - the mountains of Swedish Lapland and the spectacular hiking trail "Kungsleden".

STF guides and inspires people to discover all the big and small adventures Sweden has to offer. We make this possible through our 350 lodgings - from lighthouse and mountain station to ship and city hotels. Through sustainable tourism, we want to protect our unique environments to ensure that future generations can discover them as well.

Brief facts

  • 1885

    STF was founded in Uppsala in 1885

    From the start, STF has worked to promote tourism in Sweden and help people discover their own country.

  • 240 000

    STF has over 240 000 members

    STF is a non-profit organisation with deep roots in Swedish tourism that takes place in our unique natural and cultural environments.

  • 350

    More than 350 lodgings

    Within STF you will find 350 hostels, hotels, mountain stations and mountain hut throughout all of Sweden.

  • + 46

    Customer Service

    Do you want advice about accommodation or inspiration for your adventure? Please contact us on + 46 8 463 22 70. Or press + 46 above and find other contact options!

STF is one of the largest popular movements in Sweden, with approximately 240,000 members. We always seek to discover new adventures off the beaten tracks –  deeper into the forests and higher up on the mountains. And of course, close to home, through our network of local branches of the organisation. Our work never ends – because there is always more to discover in Sweden.

STF has deep roots in Swedish tourism and it is our purpose to be the voice when it comes to important issues regarding sustainable tourism that takes place in our unique natural and cultural environments. We want to protect these unique Swedish environments that are important for tourists, as it should be preserved for coming generations to discover.

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