General conditions

It is important that you read and understand the general conditions. When you click to “Confirm booking” in the last stage of your booking, you have accepted these conditions and the amount for the accommodation booked will be debited from your card.

These general terms and conditions apply between Svenska Turistföreningen AB (STF) and the party who either personally or via another party comes to an agreement with STF according to the terms set out in the confirmation (GUEST). The agreement may pertain to accommodation, transportation, purchase of other products and services or a combination of these.

The principal organiser is Svenska Turistföreningen AB, Rosenlundsgatan 60, 10462 Stockholm. Telephone no.: 08-463 21 00. Corp. ID no.: 556415-4259.

The booking becomes binding on both STF and the GUEST once STF has confirmed the booking and the GUEST has paid the entire amount for the booking (or the agreed registration fee) within the time allotted.

The GUEST shall pay for his booking no later than by the time indicated in the confirmation; unless otherwise indicated, STF shall have received payment by the booking date at latest. The GUEST must always state his booking number when paying and bring his confirmation and receipt along upon arrival. When booking via STF Customer Service or Fjällbokningen, a booking fee of SEK 100 will be charged per booking. No booking fee is charged when booking online. If an agreement has been made that payment shall be made by invoice, an invoicing fee of SEK 50 per invoice shall be charged. No invoicing fee is charged when payment is made by credit or debit card.

STF will not issue any payment reminders for unpaid registration fees. The booking is simply cancelled if STF has not received the registration fee by the due date stated in the confirmation. If the GUEST has paid the registration fee then ONE reminder is sent for the final balance. The booking is simply cancelled if STF has not received the final balance by the due date stated in the confirmation. If the GUEST does not pay in time then such non-payment is considered to be a cancellation, upon which the rules governing cancellations apply.
Registration fees or final balances paid late may result in the booking being voided. Payments made after the due date are subject to late-payment interest and reminder fees.

The GUEST may cancel his booking either verbally or in writing by contacting STF Customer Service by telephone at +46 (0)8-4632270 or by e-mail at Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays (or if the matter pertains to booking at a mountain facility, contact STF Fjällbokning by telephone at +46 (0)10-1902360 or by e-mail Monday-Friday from 8 am to 6 pm). For cancellation outside these hours, always contact the accommodation directly.

Please note that your cancellation is not final until you have received a written confirmation from STF. Changes to bookings cost a minimum of SEK 100 per booking. Kindly have your booking number and credit/debit card handy. N.B.! Changes made to the date of arrival or departure are considered to be cancellations.

Memberships, Gift Certificates and the like
Memberships and gift certificates cannot be cancelled or changed, which means that STF retains 100% of the price of the purchase regardless of when the cancellation is made.

Accommodation, Other Scheduled Events, Packages and Activities at Regular Price
If the GUEST has not obtained cancellation insurance or if cancellation insurance does not apply.

For accommodation (rooms and beds):
• Which is cancelled later than 7 days (168 hours) or later than 6 pm on the day prior to arrival, STF retains 100% of the price of the booking. Please refer to Pricing, as well as to the confirmation that applies to the facility in question.

For other scheduled events, packages and activities:
• Which are cancelled 29 – 15 days prior to arrival, STF retains 25% of the price for the booking.
• Which are cancelled 14 – 8 days prior to arrival, STF retains 50% of the price for the booking.
• Which are cancelled 7 days or fewer prior to arrival, STF retains 100% of the price for the booking.

Accommodation, Other Scheduled Events, Packages and Activities at Discounted Prices and Promotional Campaigns and Special Offers
Discounted bookings, bookings made at promotional prices and special offers cannot normally be cancelled or changed, which means that STF retains 100% of the price of the purchase regardless of when the cancellation is made.

STF may modify the terms and conditions for the booking to the extent that the GUEST can be offered other equivalent products and/or services.

If STF should incur increased costs after the contract has become binding on the parties, STF may raise the price for the trip in an amount corresponding to the increase in cost, if such an increase in cost is attributable to changes in taxes or other fees pertaining to services included in the booking. The price may not be raised during the final 20 days prior to arrival, and the GUEST shall be notified immediately. The price of the booking shall be reduced if STF’s costs are reduced due to the same reasons as indicated above more than 20 days prior to the GUEST’s arrival.

Some STF activities require the GUEST to participate in an obligatory preparatory meeting on the evening prior. If so, this is indicated in the description of the activity. STF reserves the right to cancel an activity for safety reasons. Such reasons may be, e.g., extreme weather conditions or unforeseen obstacles that arise during activities in the mountains, as well as too few participants signing up for the activity.

If the GUEST’s booking cannot be provided according to the booking confirmation, either in whole or in part, and if no replacement event can be arranged whose difference to the GUEST is so small as to be insignificant to the GUEST, e.g., hostel or hotel in the same class, the GUEST shall be entitled to cancel. The GUEST is then refunded the entire amount the GUEST has paid, minus the value of those parts of the booking, which the guest may already have been able to utilise. If a transport service, event or activity included in the booking is cancelled on short notice, refunds are issued only for the cancelled transport service/event/activity.

Transfers of accommodations and events can be made prior to arrival. Upon transferring of transport tickets, in those cases where the transporter allows for such, the transporter must be informed as to the party to whom the ticket has been transferred.

As an organiser, STF is responsible for ensuring that:
• The GUEST receives a written confirmation of his booking.
• The GUEST receives documentation and other information in a timely fashion.
• The GUEST is informed of all essential changes affecting the GUEST’s booking.
• The GUEST gains access to the room/bed as of the time indicated on

STF is not responsible for promises that a third party, the facility, may have made directly to the GUEST without STF’s knowledge and of which STF was not or should not have been aware (always ask for a written confirmation).

In order to book/enter into an agreement with STF, the GUEST must be 18 years of age. When staying as a group, at least two persons must be 18 years of age unless a higher age requirement is indicated at the time of booking. Identification shall be presented upon arrival. Meeting the age requirement is a must for gaining access to the accommodation. If the age requirement is not met upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the rules for cancellation apply.

The GUEST must follow the rules of conduct, directions and regulations that apply to accommodations, modes of transport, activities etc. The GUEST must not let anyone other than those indicated in the booking to spend the night in the room. All persons shall be indicated upon booking. STF assumes that a maximum of one child under the age of two does not use a bed of its own unless otherwise indicated.

If the facility receives any complaints concerning disturbing behaviour, the host is entitled immediately to evict the GUEST if the problem is not immediately rectified after an admonition is given. The same rules apply if there are more people than the number allowed for the room. The GUEST is responsible for compensating the facility for any costs attributable to the above. Refunds for the remaining nights will only be paid for those nights for which the facility can book new guests.

The GUEST is himself responsible to check the booking confirmation as soon as he obtains it. Any errors must be pointed out immediately. Promises made by the booking staff, which are essential to the GUEST must be noted in the confirmation in order to be invoked. If the GUEST has any complaint with regard to the room, the GUEST shall firstly contact the host so that any uncertainties can be resolved during the GUEST's stay.

At the time of booking, the GUEST shall inform as to whether any of the guests suffer from any kind of allergy so that STF in its capacity as organiser has an opportunity to offer the right room. N.B.! In the room description, it is also stated that pets and smoking are not allowed. STF cannot guarantee that there have not been any pets or smoking in the room shortly prior to the GUEST gaining access to it. The GUEST must clean up prior to departure, unless some other arrangement has been made. If the cleaning is not done, a fee of at least SEK 1000 will be charged.

The GUEST should direct any complaints to STF. If the GUEST and STF cannot reach an agreement, the GUEST may turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN).

If the relevant check-in and check-out times are not indicated on or in the confirmation, we recommend that you contact the facility in advance and make the appropriate arrangements in this regard. Unless otherwise indicated in the confirmation, the price of lodging does not include cleaning, bed linens, towels, crib/highchair, toilet paper etc. Remember to bring with you whatever you need for your stay!

The prices stated are members’ prices. If the GUEST is not yet a member or becomes one in connection with booking, the GUEST pays a higher price (surcharge) per person and night. The surcharge can be paid in connection with booking or upon arrival. Membership is obligatory to take part in certain activities.

When purchasing:
• Membership, the membership card reaches the GUEST after approximately 10 days
• Gift certificates, these reach the GUEST after about 5 days
• Mountain passes, the GUEST is responsible to have the written confirmation with him since mobile telephone coverage in some parts of the mountain region is non-existent. The mountain pass card is personal. It applies only to STF members. It only applies for accommodation in mountain cabins (not mountain stations, hotels or hostels). It only applies for the current season. N.B.! Opening times for the mountain cabins varies.

Groups of 10 people or more are subject to special booking terms. Kindly contact the facility directly for more information. For sports teams, school outings and children’s groups, special prices and booking terms apply. Kindly contact the facility directly for more information. When booking online, the prices for children only apply to families.

By remitting payment, the GUEST consents to having his personal information processed by STF. The purpose of this is to enable customary guest administration, to ensure that STF has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to meet the conditions for any cancellation insurance and to administer and treat any injuries. The information may also be used to provide information on insurance and payment services, as well as travel-related offers from STF and our cooperative partners. The GUEST may also be contacted for market surveys. The GUEST may at any time find out what information STF has on him if the GUEST contacts STF via e-mail:, or by writing to: Svenska Turistföreningen, Box 17251, 104 62 Stockholm.

In the event the booking cannot be carried out due to an obstacle beyond STF's power to control, which STF could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account when entering into the agreement and whose consequences he could not reasonably have been able to avoid or overcome, STF shall be discharged of liability and other penalties. This also applies if the cancellation of the booking is due to someone that STF engaged or someone else at an earlier stage.

STF reserves all rights in cases of changes made to legislation and to prices, which are beyond STF's control.

Some of STF's facilities offer cancellation insurance. This can only be ordered in conjunction with booking.

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