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Hiking and skiing trips

There are many enjoyable trails in Sweden’s mountainous areas. Here you can learn more about some of the most famous trails, hiking and skiing areas: Abisko-Kebnekaise mountains, The Royal Trail, Laponia, The Jämtland mountains, The Åre mountainst & Grövelsjön – Rogen.

  • Abisko-Kebnekaise mountains

    Hiking and Ski trips : Abisko National Park is a green entrance to one of Sweden’s wildest mountain areas. After several hour of hiking, you glance at impressive mountains such as Kåtoktjåkka between mountain birches. Above the tree line awaits a landscape that is more challenging than one can imagine. But follow the trails that run through the valleys and you will be safe.

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  • The King's Trail

    Hiking and Ski trips : It can be said right away – Kungsleden between Abisko and Hemavan is one of the world’s best hiking trails. An almost 450-kilometre adventure that the Swedish Tourist Association began at the beginning of the 1900s. Footbridges, bridges and trails make the path safe and STF huts are never far away.

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  • Laponia

    Hiking and Ski trips, Culture & History : Padjelanta, Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus are names that ring delightfully in the ears of hikers. These four national parks comprise of Laponia, together with the Sjaunja and Stubba Nature Reserves. The area is as large as three Gotlands. Even the culture is attracting.

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  • The Vindelfjällen mountains

    Hiking and Ski trips : The Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve is a microcosm of the Lapland alpine region offering breathtaking features such as the alpine massif Norra Storfjället, U-shaped valleys, mountain heaths and waterfalls. The lower elevations treat visitors to alpine birch forests, marshes profuse with bird life, lakes rich in fish and fascinating Sami villages.

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  • The Jämtland mountains

    The mountain world of Jämtland lies only a night train away. With old forests to the east, a rolling landscape in the central areas, and alpine massifs such as Sylarna and Helags to the west. In Jämtland, you can choose easy or adventurous, popular or unknown.

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  • The Åre mountains

    Hiking and Ski trips : The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) has been in the Åre region since 1891 when we built the first hut on the top of Åreskutan, 1420 meters above sea-level. STF is now found all over Åre, from the mountain tops down to the valleys.

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  • Grövelsjön – Rogen

    Hiking and Ski trips : From the round mountains of Grövelsjön down to Rogen’s ancient forests and lakes and up again to finally reach the southern mountains in Funäsdalen. Here, fishermen and hikers meet paddlers and mountain forest enthusiasts.

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