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The Jämtland mountains

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The Jämtland Triangle

This is a classic Swedish hiking trail, between the mountain stations at Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren. They are located at a comfortable day stage distance from each other.

The Jämtland Triangle is full of vastly different experiences. You pass profusions of flowers, glaciers, remnants from the ice age to the Caroline era, rough-legged buzzards, golden plovers and long-tailed skuas.

The most usual is to start at the easily accessible Storulvån and walk with the sun, with Sylarna Mountain Station as the first stop. You can and should usually spend an extra day in the mighty Sylarna massif. A rolling bare mountain landscape is all around, continuing north towards Blåhammaren. You then follow the Ulvån valley downstream from Blåhammaren to Storulvån, with the mountain birches intense green in the summer and fascinating colours in the autumn. Larger waters have footbridges or are equipped with bridges to cross. Walk down and drink from the clear waters. The path is wide and well-used, but you can also choose your own route over the mountain moors.

You need to carry only a few kilos in your backpack. Food can be purchased at the mountain stations, and Blåhammaren and Storulvån have first-rate restaurants as well. Intensive reindeer breeding is ongoing in the area, with amongst other things, calf branding in July. Be aware of information from the mountain stations, as to not disturb the reindeer or the work of the Sami people.

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