Children may stay for free at the youth hostel until and including the year they turn two years of age. This applies provided the child does not occupy a bed of its own. Travellers over the age of 15 are considered adults.

Group and conference bookings are not possible via the online booking system. Please contact the facility in question directly concerning any such inquiries. Child prices do not apply to group bookings.


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STF Mountain station Helags

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Photo: Anders Robertsson ©
Photo: Anders Robertsson ©

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Quick facts

Opening hours
20/2-15 - 3/5-15
18/6-15 - 27/9-15
26/2-16 - 24/4-16
23/6-16 - 25/9-16
Reception: +46 101902360

Member's prices 2015 from

Bed: from 300:- /person

Bed: from 300:- /person

Member's prices 2016 from

Bed: from 310:- /person

Bed: from 310:- /person
Number of rooms
Number of beds
80 - 80
STF Helags Fjällstation
Site manager
Emma Frisell
Website helags

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At the foot of Sweden’s highest peak south of the Arctic Circle, 1,797 m.a.s.l., is Sweden’s southernmost glacier and STF’s new mountain lodge. Two-footed arctic foxes are usual, and you might see the four-footed fox if you’re lucky.

The first hut was built onsite in 1897 to facilitate the climbing of Helags peak, 750 altitude metres above. Today, large crowds of skiers and hikers come to redo this exploit and enjoy the mountain lodge’s offering of served meals, shop and a relaxing sauna after the tour.

Despite the high location, the region is green with a profusion of flowers during the summer. Perhaps this is why the arctic fox enjoys it so much here. The threatened fox has possibly its largest population in Sweden right here.

Already during the Middle Ages, pilgrims hiked through the Helags area on their way Nidaros (now Trondheim) to visit Olaf’s sacred grave. Traces of what is believed to be a Middle Age overnight hut are at the foot of the Predikstol mountains. A Viking Age sword has also been found here.

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Key to symbols

  • Handikappanpassat

    Accessibility for persons with disabilities

    This symbol shows that the hostel conforms to recommendations from the De Handikappades Riksorganisation (DHR): the entrance is level, or there is a ramp with maximum gradient 5 cm/m. The front door of the hostel and doors into the guest rooms and toilets are wider than 80 cm. There is at least 80 cm free space at the side of the lavatory and 130 cm in front. The shower is suitable for use by persons with disabilities. There is wheelchair access to kitchens and common rooms. At least two rooms are suitable for use by persons with disabilities.

  • Mat


    This symbol denotes that the hostel has a limited number of rooms for guests accompanied by pets. It is recommended that such rooms are booked in advance (except for at the mountain huts, where it is not possible to book in advance).

  • Mat

    Shop 1

    This symbol denotes that the hostel offers a limited range of food for sale.

  • Mat

    Cafeteria 1

    This symbol denotes that there is a cafeteria at the hostel that offers coffee, sandwiches, and other simple meals.

  • Mat

    Cafeteria 2

    This symbol denotes that there is a cafeteria at the hostel that offers breakfast, in addition to coffee, sandwiches and other simple meals.

  • Mat

    Cafeteria 3

    This symbol denotes that there is a cafeteria or restaurant at the hostel that offers both breakfast and hot meals throughout the day and evening.

  • Mat


    This symbol denotes that the hostel offers at least one computer for guest use, or wireless internet connection.

  • Mat

    Conference facilities

    This symbol shows that the hostel has conference facilities. There is at least one conference room with minimum capacity of 20, and at least one group room. Conference equipment such as fax, Xerox, overhead, whiteboard and flipover are available. The facility offers breakfast, lunch and dinner or self-catering facilities for conference groups.

  • Mat

    Cash payment only

    Credit cards are not accepted. Cash payment only.

  • Mat

    Equipment hire

    This symbol denotes that the hostel has a range of leisure equipment for hire.

  • Mat

    Cycle hire

    This symbol denotes that it is possible to hire cycles at the hostel.

  • Mat

    Canoe hire

    This symbol denotes that it is possible to hire canoes or kayaks at the hostel.

  • Mat


    This symbol denotes that the hostel has a guest sauna.

  • Mat


    This symbol denotes that guides are available and that activities are organised by the hostel.

  • Mat


    This symbol conforms to the recommendations of the Swedish Angler’s Association: The hostel sells fishing licences and can give advice and information about fishing waters. The hostel also has a location for cleaning fish and drying space for wet clothes.

  • Mat


    This symbol conforms to the recommendations of the Swedish Golf Federation: The hostel collaborates with the closest golfing facilities concerning information about fees and the difficulty of the courses. The hostel also serves breakfast and provides a lockable luggage room or trolley shed.



Key to symbols

  • Mat

    The Swan – official Nordic ecolabel

    This symbol denotes that the hostel conforms partially or fully to the standards of the Swan – official Nordic ecolabelling. More information

  • Mat

    Nature’s Best

    This symbol denotes that the hostel arranges activities that have been certified as Nature’s Best. More information

  • Mat

    Green Key

    This symbol denotes that the hostel is partially or fully certified according to the Green Key campaign of Keep Sweden Tidy. More information

  • Mat


    This symbol denotes that the hostel has been partially or fully certified by the KRAV organisation. More information

  • Mat

    The EU Eco-label

    The EU Eco-label is a certification scheme aimed to help European customers distinguish greener, more environmentally friendly, products and services. The EU Eco-label is administered by the European Eco-labelling Board (EUEB). More information

  • Swedish Welcome  good

    Swedish Welcome

    When you choose a Swedish Welcome-certified hostel, you can be sure that it meets a number of minimum requirements and that the business has been professionally assessed based on about a hundred different aspects for better experiences and sustainable development. More information



När du loggat in kan du enkelt ändra och ha koll på dina medlemsuppgifter och köpa medlemskap till fler i familjen. Du kan skriva kommentarer på STFs boenden och aktiviteter och spara och dela med dig av dina favoritställen.

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Är det första gången du loggar in använder du ditt medlemsnummer (utan mellanslag och 054) som användarnamn och ditt postnummer som lösenord för identifiering. Därefter väljer du ett eget lösenord som du använder nästa gång du ska logga in.

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Time Limit when Booking

In order to guarantee that the product you choose will be available upon checking out, your additional products are saved for only15 minutes. If you have more than one product in your shopping trolley, the time is calculated as of the first product you added.